I know, I know. Plastic is easier. It’s disposable, inexpensive and shatter-proof. That being said, you took the time to pick out fabulous wine (or the best you could afford for the type of event you are having), so why serve them in something less than fantastic? Glassware can be affordable and your guests will appreciate the elegant feel of a stem in their hand.

Need another reason to loosen your purse strings?  Plastic cups are rarely made from biodegradable material and only add to our growing landfills.  So now you can finally say you are doing something to lighten your carbon footprint.

There are plenty of options for affordable glassware.

  • Bed Bath and Beyond carries a solid line of glassware that comes in boxes by the dozen for about $10 (about 85 cents each). They offer flutes, goblets and standard 5oz stems.
  • Crate & Barrel also carries inexpensive glassware, sold individually so you can purchase exactly what you need. 
  • Pier I is another great place for inexpensive glassware.  They have clear stems and they also carry a line that comes in cobalt blue (the blue margarita glasses would be perfect for a summer fiesta!), which you can often find on sale for $1 per glass. 
  • Don’t forget to check out the dollar stores.  They always have wine glasses for $1 per glass, though they are usually extremely thin and break easily.
  • Finally, Ikea is another great place to look.  They have a plethora of inexpensive glasses in various styles, sizes and packages.