Stylish Secret :: Shop Local, Save Money

Hitting your local farmer’s market instead of the grocery store before your next party can save you some serious cash.  Buying produce directly from a farmer is generally a great value because you’re cutting out the middle man (your grocery store).  Local produce is also more flavorful, more nutritious and better for the environment (no emissions from transporting it cross-country).  So hit up your local farmer’s market before your next party and you will be able to serve up some delicious food, while helping the environment, without breaking the bank.


Check out the following site for more farmer’s market tips, ideas, recipes and stories:



  1. culinspiration says:

    I appreciate what you’re saying, but here in D.C., the farmer’s markets are almost always more expensive than the local grocery store. However, they’re also a lot more flavorful, and in season, and they help to reduce transport-related damage to the environment.

    But cheaper, not necessarily—quite rarely. Then again, when you buy food from the farmer’s market, quite often it is cultivated following organic standards, even if it’s not been formally designated “organic” by the USDA. Maybe if you compare organic applies to organic apples, you do save.


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