Recipe :: Quinoa Salad with Orange, Cilantro & Golden Raisins

This make-ahead quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) salad goes well with cumin seared salmon, grilled chicken or lamb.  The citrus gives it a refreshing pop, while the cucumbers and raisins add a great contrasting texture.  Enjoy quinoa for its quick cooking time, its slightly nutty flavor, and its protein content (it is one of the only grains that it a … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Yogurt Parfaits with Homemade Low-fat Granola & Berries

fresh fruit

Yogurt and berry parfaits are a great brunch treat.  You can use homemade granola (recipe for low-fat granola is below) or a store-bought granola to make it a really quick dish to serve.  Layer your favorite type of yogurt (vanilla Greek yogurt is my favorite to use for parfaits) on the bottom of a glass.  Add a layer of granola and then a layer of … [Read more...]

Recipe:: Crustless Spinach Quiche

Crustless Spinach Quiche |

    In my house we actually call this a fritatta (even though it's baked in the oven instead of on the stove top).  Somehow calling it a fritatta rather than a quiche made my husband more excited about it.  Is a fritatta more masculine than a quiche?  I don't know.  But I do know that this has become a brunch favorite among my … [Read more...]

Stylish Secret :: Add Wow to Frozen Appetizers with Truffle Oil

If you are serving frozen or pre-packaged appetizers, here is a great tip for adding a wow factor to those store-bought goods.  Buy a small bottle of Truffle Oil - olive oil infused with the flavor of Truffles (truly prized mushrooms) - and brush the top of the appetizers, such as stuffed mushrooms or spanakopita, with a tiny bit of the oil as they … [Read more...]

Stylish Secret :: Fancy (but simple) Flower Cupcakes

Green Tea Cupcakes & Teapot

  Even if you aren't a pastry chef, you can still serve up some beautiful cupcakes.  Either make cupcakes using your favorite cupcake recipe or a store-bought mix.  After they have cooled, use a pasty bag (trust me, it sounds harder than it is) with or without a tip on the end and pipe homemade or store-bought frosting around the top of the … [Read more...]

Coffee & Chili Steak Rub

Spice up your Memorial Day menu with this smoky, sweet and spicy steak rub.  It will add a ton of flavor to your streaks without overwhelming a good cut of meat.  Have everyone try to guess your secret ingredient – most people won’t be able to identify the coffee.    I like to use this rub on flat iron steaks, cooked medium-rare, sliced against … [Read more...]