If you are serving frozen or pre-packaged appetizers, here is a great tip for adding a wow factor to those store-bought goods.  Buy a small bottle of Truffle Oil – olive oil infused with the flavor of Truffles (truly prized mushrooms) – and brush the top of the appetizers, such as stuffed mushrooms or spanakopita, with a tiny bit of the oil as they come out of the oven.  Truffle Oil adds an amazing earthy, sensual flavor that won’t go unnoticed (it is described by some as an aphrodisiac).  Trust me – it makes even the most mundane appetizer extra special.


A few tips for buying and storing Truffle Oil:  From appearance alone it is hard to tell the quality of the oil so use the price as a guide (it is VERY expensive but you can buy small bottles and a little goes a long way).  Many oils marketed as “truffle oil” are actually oils containing a synthetic truffle flavor.  Synthetic truffle oil will still add some flavor and is a fine inexpensive substitute, but real truffle-infused oil is so special that it is worth the high price.  As with many oils, Truffle Oil can go rancid quickly so store it in the refrigerator.  Though you may not have to worry about it spoiling; it is so amazing that you will probably use it all before it has the chance.