After a stop at my local farmer’s market I was inspired to make the following menu for a dinner in honor of my mother-in-law.


Asparagus and rhubarb are at their best time time of year, as are ramps. 

  • As rhubarb cooks, its juices act as a natural thickener, making it an amazing sauce for ice cream or cake.  Rhubarb’s tart, vibrant flavor is amazing when sweetened with a little sugar. 
  • Ramps are young, wild leeks with tender leaves that have a mild garlicy flavor.  They are wonderful sauteed in a little olive oil. 
  • Remember to bring a cooler or insulated cold bag with you if you are going to puchase your meat and/or cheese at the market.   


Don’t forget to buy flowers while you’re at your local farmer’s market.  I had been looking for lily of the valley all week (they are my mother-in-law’s favorite) and although May is one of the few months they are in season, I was quoted $50 for one small bunch.  I was able to get 4 bunches for $12 when I was at the market!  



Seasonal Spring Dinner Menu


Local cured meats
Olives in Dijon mustard
Assorted local cheese and crackers

Main Event

Local flat iron steaks with red wine, shallot and thyme sauce
Asparagus with sautéed ramps (wild leeks), lemon and thyme
Roasted red mountain (pink flesh) potatoes



Sweet corn cake with pinot noir rhubarb compote and vanilla ice cream


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