Quince paste, or membrillo in Spanish, is a fantastic accompaniment to a Spanish cheese board at a tapas party.  Membrillo is traditionally served with Manchego (sheep’s milk) cheese and the sweet-salty combination is intoxicating!  Membrillo is sweet like a jam but it has a really interesting floral taste that makes it a very unique and special treat.  It is also delicious with goat cheese or any other soft, tangy cheese. 


My favorite way to serve membrillo is with a good aged Manchego, crusty sourdough corn bread and paper-thin slices of sorrano (dry-cured Spanish ham that is similar to Italian prosciutto).   


You can find membrillo at Whole Foods, Fairway or most grocery stores with a gourmet cheese section.  There are also on-line sources, such as the Gourmet Food Store, which sells a 10.6oz package of homemade membrillo for $8.50 (plus shipping)


If you like making jam you should have no problem making your own membrillo.  Epicurious has a straight-forward recipe that is quite good if you reduce the amount of sugar to about 2 cups.