‘Tis the season for wedding festivities.  If you are hosting a bridal shower or a bachelorette party and looking for some decorating ideas, here’s a simple, festive and inexpensive idea for you.  Mini wedding cake candles look great when displayed in numbers.  Use a rectangular glass block or candle holder, line up the candles and you have yourself a very simple centerpiece.  The mini cake candles would also look great displayed on a glass cake stand in a large group for a similar effect.


Many of the mini wedding cake candles out there are pretty tacky.  I found a few that are simple and look nicer than most on the market.


Small Pearl Wedding Cake Candle – available at Candles.com for $5.99 each
*A little more expensive than the average mini wedding cake candle but, unlike most of the others I found, they are very simple.  They are also available in a larger size, so you can vary your display with large and small candles.


Elegant Lace Wedding Cake Candle – available at icestandar.org for $1.84 each
*This one even comes with its’ own mini cake stand you can use as a candle holder, but it does have the extra pastic packaging, which isn’t very eco-friendly.  Try asking for it without the plastic box if you are using them decoratively and not giving them as a favor.