Warm Peach Salsa & Goat Cheese Dip


This appetizer is divine.  The sweetness of the peach salsa marries wonderfully with the tanginess and creaminess of the goat cheese.  It is excellent served with whole wheat pita chips or blue corn tortilla chips.  Not only does it look impressive when served bubbly out of the oven, but the taste is even more impressive for such a simple … [Read more...]

Fiesta Menu


  A fiesta makes for a great summer theme party.  A south-of-the border menu lends itself to some simple, no-cook recipes and delicious frozen drinks.  I used the menu below for a summer fiesta theme party I threw on my roof-top.  The menu was based on fresh, local ingredients that are at their prime this time of year.  Check back over the next … [Read more...]