I am always on the look out for interesting but simple additions to add to a hors d’oeurve or cocktail party spread.  Pickled veggies by rick’s picks fit the bill.  Rick uses local cucumbers to make varying types of pickles and other local produce – such as asparagus, okra, beets and green beans – to make unusual but delicious pickled treats.  The Windy City Wasabeans (green beans in a soy-wasabi brine) are my personal favorite, but they are all worth trying.  All of rick’s picks are super flavorful, easy to eat and make a great addition to a veggie, cheese, cured meat or mezze platter.  They are sophisticated enough to serve at a more formal party, just use a crystal dish with mini silver tongs as your serving piece.


You can sample rick’s picks at the NYC Green Market in Union Square on Wednesdays. 
Order rick’s picks online at http://rickspicksnyc.com/order.php ($10.99 per 15oz jar)