Figuring out how much alcohol you need for a party can be tricky.  Knowing how many drinks you can get out of a bottle of wine, liquor or mixer is a good starting point.  The following list can serve as a guideline, but know that it depends on how you prepare your drinks.  I tend to use 1.5oz of hard alcohol instead of the standard 1oz per drink, so a bottle doesn’t last as long at my bar.  You should also consider the size of your glassware.  In a large goblet, 6 ounces of wine doesn’t look like much, and people will tend to pour more into their glasses.  The same goes for pint glasses; if you use those instead of lowball glasses you will need more than a 1oz shot of hard alcohol to make a standard strength drink.  Bottoms up!


750 ml. bottle of wine = 4 glasses of wine (about 6oz per glass)
750 ml. bottle of hard alcohol = 25 drinks (1oz each) or 16 drinks (1.5oz each)
1 quart of juice = mixer for 6 drinks
1 liter soda = mixer for 6 drinks