Mini BLT |

If you are a fan of BLTs you will love this bite-size version.  These adorable stacked, breadless hors d-oeuvres were recently served as a passed hors d’oeuvre at my friend’s wedding.  They are a great addition to an appetizer spread that is heavy on bread and dairy, since they are both gluten and dairy-free.


To make these mini BLTs:  Slice the very bottom off of a cherry tomato so it will stand up straight on a flat surface.  Next, slice the tomato in half horizontally.  Slide half of the tomato, cut side down, onto a small skewer or cocktail pick.  Slide a small piece of lettuce and cooked bacon onto the skewer.  Spread mayo or a homemade aioli (flavored aioli would be great too!) on the second half of the tomato and slide it onto the toothpick, with the cut side up.


You can prepare the ingredients (tear the lettuce, make the aioli and cook the bacon) in the morning and assemble them right before your guests arrive.  Don’t cut and/or refrigerator the tomatoes in advance.  While these are best served in the summer when tomatoes are at their peak, flavorful cherry tomatoes can be found year-round.