You’ve done all your menu planning, stocked up on groceries and have started to prepare your Thanksgiving feast.  As you start to set the table you realize you forgot to think about a centerpiece!  Fear not.  I have a super simple, festive centerpiece that can be assembled in 5 minutes with things you probably have on hand. 


Take several clear glass vases – varying sizes and shapes are fine – and fill them with water.  Pour fresh cranberries into each vase.  The cranberries will float to the top and create a pretty, colorful display.  Surround the vases with tea lights, candle sticks or a combination of both.  If you want to jazz it up even more you can add pine cones, mini pumpkins, gourds, apples or pears* to the display.  Center them in a group in the middle of the table or spread them out along a long rectangular table (especially if they are all the same height, like the cylinders shown).  Put them straight on the tablecloth or along a runner or plank of wood.  In less than 5 minutes you’ll have a party-worthy centerpiece that has both color and sparkle.  Phew.  Now you have something to be thankful for!


This centerpiece can also be used for other winter holidays.  Add clippings from your tree to the display, as shown above, and it’s Christmas-ready. 


*If you have restless little helpers around you can get help bedazzling ordinary items.  Set them up in the garage or outside with a can of gold spray paint (lay some newspaper down first) to coat your pine cones, apples or whatever additions you want to add to your centerpiece.  They’ll dry quickly and add a professional look to your table.