Stylish Secret :: Dress Up Your Chairs for Christmas

Who says you have to be at a formal event to have a beautifully decorated table?  This holiday season, dress up your tablescape with inexpensive slip covers and festive ribbon sashes for your chairs.  Using a 4″ thick satin ribbon, some clippings from your tree and a pine cone (faux snow frosting spray paint optional), you can make your own chairs look event-worthy.


-If the ribbon slips down the back of the chair use a safety pin to secure it to the fabric cover.
-If you are using fat pine cones that are too thick to stay on the ribbon without any help, use floral wire or brown string to tie around the tip or bottom of the pine cone.  Make a loop and string the loop onto the ribbon before tying a bow.


Copy this look with simple chair covers from the following stores:

Pottery Barn ($9.99 each) –

Target ($12.99 each) –

Bed, Bath and Beyond ($7.99-9.99 each) –



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