Butternut Squash Barley Risotto


  I have upped the nutritional content by using barley instead of Arborio rice for this comforting risotto.  You won’t lose any of the creaminess and you’ll have a delicious whole grain recipe to add to your repertoire.   Although risotto should be served immediately, there are several components of the dish – such as frying the sage leaves, … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Why pay for expensive chocolate covered strawberries when you can make your own batch in about 15 minutes?  These are perfect with a glass of champagne for dessert on Valentines Day.  Or place them in individual candy wrappers (as shown), and place them in a small box or bag as a party favor or gift for your Valentine.   Chocolate Covered … [Read more...]

Wedding/ Bridal Shower Place Card Vases


Flowers can take up a big chunk of your budget - whether you are buying them for a bridal shower or for your wedding reception.  A great way to decorate your table and save on flowers is to use mini place card vases at each setting.  Have your florist make mini arrangements for you or, if you are looking to save even more, buy an assortment of … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Football Cocoa Krispy Treats


They key to any super bowl dessert is to make it bite-size so it can be eaten without looking away from the game.  These krispy treats fit the bill.  Whip up a batch of these quick-cooking treats for your super bowl party tonight.  Serve them for dessert or wrap them individually in cello bags and give them as party favors.  These football treats … [Read more...]