While plastic cups may not seem like an eco-friendly option, you can cut down on plastic waste by using cups that guest can keep track of.  The “etch it” cups allow guests to mark their own cup so even if they put it down they’ll be able to find it and reuse it all day or night.  No pen is required – just use your fingernail to “etch” your name in the chalkboard-like area.  Your guests can get creative and draw pictures, use quotes or pick-up lines (“what’s your sign?”) to identify their cup.  It’s a fun alternative that makes for a more eco-friendly choice when picking up disposable party goods.

These great cups come in two color options: frosted clear or red. 

Visit the etch-it website for store locations, 

Etch-it Cups are available online at Plum Party – $7.50/ package of 32 cups