Prosecco, a sparkling Italian wine, is one of my favorite summer drinks.  It’s light, refreshing and cheerful.  Prosecco is often served at brunch with a peach puree to make a Bilini.  Don’t save it for your Sunday brunch; it’s a great drink for any time of day.  Prosecco has a relatively low alcohol content, making it suitable for sweltering summer nights.   


Prosecco pairs well with light appetizers like proscuitto wrapped melon, fig and parmesan crostini, bruscetta, olives, grilled vegetables, aged cheese and fresh fruit.


Prosecco is also touted as an inexpensive alterantive to champagne.  One of my favorites rings up at $15 a bottle from a local wine shop here in NYC. 


If you haven’t sipped Prosecco yet this summer, now is the time.  Salute!