Baby shower games are often boring, annoying or downright gross (guessing what candy bar was mushed up in a diaper – no thanks!).  The celebrity baby name matching game is an exception and perfect for a pop-culture-loving crowd.  Picked the most up-to-date list of celebrity babies to make the game more challenging.  List celebrity parents in one column and the names of their babies in another column, scrambling the order of each so the names of the parents and babies are not on the same line.  Make a key for yourself to make “grading” easier.  Be sure to provide pens or pencils for the players.  Give a fun shower prize for the winner, such a gift card to a movie theater or Fendengo, a DVD or CD featuring one of the celebrity parents or an itunes gift card.    


 Did you know there’s a blog dedicated exclusively to tracking celebrity baby naming news?  It’s a great resource for making this fun baby shower game.  Check it out: