Give parents-to-be a memorable gift to take home from a baby shower by having each guest decorate a onesie.  Supplies for this project are inexpensive and easy to find:  White onesies in various sizes, a few pieces of cardboard (to put inside the onesie so the paint doesn’t bleed through), a package of stencils (animals, flowers, etc.), fabric paints in a few colors, a small plastic tray for the paint and a package of paint brushes.  Cover a table in newspaper and an inexpensive table cloth.  Buy a package of small clothespins and use a piece of ribbon, yarn or string to make a clothesline across the room (the paint will need time to dry).  If you have the space, have guests go into another room to do the decorating and bring the mom-to-be into the room after everyone has made one to present her with the gift.  Every new parent will appreciate having a plethora of cute onesies for their new bundle.