I saw this fun football shaped meatloaf in Whole Foods.  Whether you like meatloaf or burgers, this is a great idea for game day.  Make your favorite meatloaf or burger recipe, altering it by shaping the raw meat into the shape of a football.  Use a football shaped cookie cutter to help form the burgers or shape them freehand.  Cook as usual.  Using a sharp knife or a pizza cutter, cut strips of deli sliced cheese into long narrow strips.  After meat is done to your liking, place strips of cheese in a lace pattern on top of burgers or meatloaf.  Don’t melt the cheese if you want the lace pattern to stay visible.  To make the perfect size bun for your football shaped burger, press the same football shaped cookie cutter to into large rolls (press through each piece of the roll separately for a cleaner cut).  Serve the football burgers with the buns on the side.  Enjoy the game!