Stylish Secret :: Serve Rock Candy As Swizzle Sticks

Coffee with rock candy (Focus is on the Rock Sugar)

Add an unexpected option to the sweetener selection for tea/ coffee by setting out rock candy that can be used as a swizzle stick.  Choose from various colors to coordinate with your party decore:  yellow for Easter, green for a garden party, or use a neutral white or brown (pictured above) for a dye-free alternative.  A little whimsical touch like … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Granola Bites


I love granola - as a cereal, as a snack, as a bar....  Which gave me the idea to play around and come up with a recipe for bite-size granola balls that I could set out as an "appetizer" for brunch.  These granola bites are packed with flavor and natural goodness.  They are sturdy enough to be eaten without a spoon, but remain moist and chewy.  The … [Read more...]

Vegan Candle Giveaway by Sawgrass Candles


One Hip Hostess Blog reader will receive a lemongrass premium soy wax candle ($12.50 value) from Sawgrass Candles.  Sawgrass candles are clean-burning vegan candles, made with organic soy wax and essentials oils, hand-poured into a charming 8oz glass jar. Check out Sawgrass Candles' entire candle collection at: … [Read more...]