Don’t save small bites for your tapas or cocktail party – serve mini hamburgers and other mini grilled items (hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, etc.) at your next BBQ.  Mini burgers are easy to make, quick-cooking (watch them – you don’t want them overcooked and tough!) and just so cute.  Even those with bigger appetites will enjoy them – just be sure to make enough. 

Make the mini burgers all the same or serve different flavors.  Make Fiesta burgers by adding cumin, cilantro, chopped onion, jalapeno and red peppers; make Asian burgers by adding fresh ginger, scallions and soy sauce;  or add Guinness to make super moist Irish-inspired burgers (see recipe index).  The possibilities are endless.  Ground lamb or turkey are also great options for mini burgers.

Looking for those cute little buns to house your mini burgers?  I’ve seen packages of them at several grocery stores.  Target sells whole wheat mini burger buns in their grocery aisle.  If you aren’t able to find pre-packaged, use a round biscuit cutter to make your own cut-to-size buns out of larger rolls.