Since the heat wave moved in I haven’t been able to turn on my oven.  As a result, I have gotten creative with my no-cook recipes.  A caprese salad is one of my favorites this time of year, when the tomatoes and basil are at their best.  But instead of tomatoes, I substitute cantaloupe and made a delicious hip twist on this Italian classic.  Serve this combo as a salad or on mini skewers for a party (or kids).  This is a savory recipe – think of it like a vegetarian version of cantaloupe and prosciutto, another delicious sweet-salty combo. 

Seed and cut one ripe cantaloupe into chunks or round balls (with a mellon baller).  Use one container of Bocconcini (mini Mozzarella balls) and a small bunch of fresh basil.  Layer cantaloupe, Bocconcini and basil on skewers and repeat until the skewers are full, leaving an inch or so at the end.  Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Instead of skewers, make a salad using the same ingredients and tossing until combined.  Serve with a nice glass of white wine or prosecco and enjoy!