Recipe :: Basil & Garlic Rubbed Grilled Chicken

Perfect quick and easy chicken recipe

I thought I'd post one of my favorite grilled chicken recipes for all those grilling over the holiday weekend.  Basil & garlic rubbed grilled chicken doesn't sound particularly exciting, but this herb smothered chicken is really delicious.  This recipe is ideal for a last-minute dinner because the chicken absorbs the intense flavor of the basil … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Chimmichuri Steak Sauce


Chimichurri, a lively steak sauce made from parsley, olive oil and garlic, is Argentina’s greatest gift to the culinary world.  This sauce makes even mediocre cuts of meat taste divine.  I like to serve it over skirt steak, which is great for entertaining because it can be cooked in a matter of minutes on the grill or in the oven. Although … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Smoky Roasted Red Pepper & White Bean Dip


This dip is a smoky, creamy and filling - a delicious alternative to hummus!  You’d never guess that it’s super healthy too.  I usually have all the ingredients for this dip on hand, which makes it great for last minute entertaining.  It’s a real crowd-pleaser too.  Serve it with toasted pita, breadsticks or tortilla chips. I like to serve this … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad


Today I am sharing one of my very favorite recipes with you.  As you probably already know, I love myself some quinoa.  It's high in protein, filled with fiber, quick-cooking, gluten-free and super tasty.  This recipe combines so many flavorful ingredients with the quinoa and is absolutely delicious.  It's the perfect picnic dish (I brought it to a … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Rosé Sangria


Sangria is the perfect party drink since it can be made in big batches and is best when mixed in advance.  Traditionally, sangria is made with red wine.  During the summer, serve rosé sangria instead: It’s light enough for warmer weather and still goes well with grilled meat.  Here is a basic recipe for rosé sangria, which can easily be doubled or … [Read more...]

Summer Solstice Soiree


Throw a summer solstice party to celebrate the longest day of the year and the official beginning of the summer season (June 21st).  Start the party in time to catch the sunset and as the sun’s rays fade, then keep the party going into the wee hours of the night with great drinks and cool appetizers. Check out my monthly column on The Family … [Read more...]