individual appetizer serving ideas bite-size amuse bouche


A few years ago I wanted to serve individual bite-size appetizers in porcelain Chinese-style soup spoons.  I was hosting a cocktail party for 50 so I needed at least that many spoons.  I hit the streets of Chinatown in NYC looking for inexpensive options.  The least expensive porcelain spoons I could find were about $2 each.  $100 worth of spoons seemed excessive.  My husband also made the point about the chore of cleaning each spoon after the party, which is a valid point (especially after the mashed potato martinis I served one year; chiseling dried mashed taters off glass is NOT fun and I was not sober or motivated enough to start cleaning the glassware while the remnants were still fresh).  I ended up skipping the porcelain soup spoon idea for that particular party.  It’s a much better idea for a dinner party appetizer for a dozen (or less) guests.  Luckily there’s no need to schlep to Chinatown to get a good deal on these spoons.  CB2 is offering them for under a dollar per spoon.  Soup’s on!