Vermont Smoke & Cure Summer Sausage and Pepperoni Gift Set - Stylish Spoon 2013 Holiday Gift Guide |

Have someone on your holiday gift list who loves sausage?  You can’t go wrong with this sausage two pack, including smoked pepperoni (my favorite!) and summer sausage from Vermont Smoke & Cure.  Made from pork that is raised without antibiotics or added hormones, these smoked sausages are a great addition to a cheese platter.  Give Vermont Smoke & Cure’s Pepperoni Sausage Set to your sausage-loving father-in-law with some spicy mustard, pretzel rods and an aged cheddar cheese.

Vermont Smoke & Cure, Two for the Long Trail Pepperoni Sausage Set (includes 1 smoked pepperoni and 1 summer sausage), $13.95 (larger sausage combinations available from Vermont Smoke & Cure’s online shop).