2014 Printable Super Bown Betting Squares Broncos Seahawks | StylishSpoon.com

Print the 2014 Super Bowl Betting Squares from Stylish Spoon with the Dever Broncos and Seattle Seahawks on the grid, or make your own on a piece of poster board to give fans a reason to get invested in the super bowl, even if their team didn’t make the cut. Use the printable 2014 Super Bowl Betting Squares, or make a larger version on posterboard or kraft paper by drawing a 10-by-10 grid and writing the name of one team on the top of the grid and the other team on the left-hand side. Invite contestants to buy squares for $1 to $5 per square ($1 per square puts $100 in the pool; $5 per square makes it $500), filling in their chosen squares with their name or initials. After all the squares are filled, draw numbers (0 to 9) out of a hat and assign each number one at a time, moving from the left to right along the top of the grid, and top to bottom down the side of the grid. The object of this pool is to have the combination of numbers that match the last numbers in the score of the game (i.e., if the score was 21-17, then the person whose square is located at the intersection of 1 and 7 would win). Give payouts at the end of the first quarter (10 percent of the pool amount), at half time (15 percent), at the end of the third quarter (10 percent), and at the end of the game (65 percent).