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The little miss’s pre-school has a snack rotation, and I always try to make a healthy snack that will make the kids smile. We often make cheese “lollipops” (Babybell cheese rounds with a stripy straw stuck in the bottom – promise to post a pic in the future or check out my instagram feed if you can’t take the wait!), but wanted to serve something with a fall or Halloween theme instead. I made clementines into mini “pumpkins” by peeling the clementines and sticking a slice of celery into the center of the clementine so that it looks like a pumpkin stem. If you don’t need to do 20 of them, like I did last night, you can make a few in a snap for your kids’ snack. These clementine “pumpkins” are also adorable for a kids Halloween party or for a healthy Thanksgiving dessert of snack. Quick, healthy, and oh so very stylish!