The little miss’s best friend, Max, is moving to San Fran and she asked me if we could throw a goodbye party for him. Like her mama, the little miss loves herself a party! So we started to plan. She told me Max’s favorite thing is chocolate ice cream, and that he likes sprinkles, so we settled on a sprinkle ice cream theme for the party. I came up with some DIY sprinkle party projects for us to do together. We made DIY sprinkle covered ice cream cones, chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzel rods as party favors and a sprinkle vase filler. Our main decoration was the DIY sprinkle balloons – clear balloons filled with tissue paper confetti before they were filled with helium (thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest!) – which took only a few minutes to make.

I also bough clear spray bottles that I decorated with permanent markers (polka dots and the kids’ names), which were a huge hit since it was steamy outside. First the kids sprayed the plants in our backyard, then the ground, and then each other. It was a fun way for them to cool off. Though I have to say that the “permanent” sharpie markers were not so permanent after a few hours of playing in the water.

Here’s a look at how our sprinkle ice cream party turned out.

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DIY Sprinkle Balloons
Our DIY sprinkle balloons


sprinkle balloons
Stuffed tissue paper confetti inside clear balloons before blowing them up to get the “sprinkles” look


sprinkle vase filler flowers
Sprinkle vase filler with white hydrangeas


sprinkle ice cream cones
Sprinkle Ice Cream Cones


sprinkle cones with ice cream
Sprinkle cones with our favorite ice cream (Bluemarble, made in Brooklyn) and a few extra toppings


Sprinkle Strawberry Pops
Strawberry Pops (kids love anything on a stick, especially when it’s a stripy straw!)


sprinkle party food
The spread included hummus, guacamole, veggies, olives, dried fruit and chips
sprinkle pretzels wrapped
Chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzel rod party favors


sprinkle spray bottles
Spray bottles for “sprinkling” water on the plants (and eventually each other)


Sprinkle Goodbye Party with Max
The little miss and her bestie looking at a super cute photo book chronicling their friendship since they were 6 mos. old that he made for her (so sweet!)