Recipe :: BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwiches {Father’s Day}

BBQ Brisket Sandwich Recipe |

Last Father's Day, my husband wanted a leisurely family dinner at home (i.e. a meal without having to get up 3x to wait in line for the potty with the little miss). One of his favorite meals is the barbecue brisket and smokey mac-n-cheese at the high-end barbecue restaurant, Blue Smoke, in New York City. I have an amazing beef brisket recipe that I … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip Cookies {DIY Father’s Day Gift}

Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip Cookies |

I'm posting this recipe in time for Father's Day because I'm only half joking when I tell people that my husband married me for the oatmeal butterscotch cookies I make. People laugh, then they try a cookie, and inevitably nod in agreement saying "I can see why." The oatmeal cookie recipe came from a woman I worked with years ago in a law firm in … [Read more...]

DIY :: Bow “Tie” Gift Wrapping for Father’s Day


The only tie I'll be giving my baby daddy this year is the one made from ribbon on the outside of his gift.  Inspired by the packaging from Teuscher for their Father's Day chocolate truffles, I will be making a ribbon "tie" in lieu of a classic bow to top his gift.  Use a thick ribbon (necessary width will vary depending on the size of your … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Party Theme Ideas


Spice up the usual Father’s Day routine with one of these great theme party ideas.  Using a personalized theme is a thoughtful way to celebrate dear old dad. Tasting Theme Make a tasting theme party out of the food or drink your dad loves. Have a beer, scotch or wine tasting and serve complementary foods (pizza, wings, steak, cheese or … [Read more...]

DIY :: Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts {free printables}

Father's Day Beer Labels

It's probably too late to make a photo card or order another photo gift to give to dad on behalf of the kiddies, so here are a few DIY Father's Day gift ideas that won't take very long (i.e. can be done while the kids are napping) and will make you look like you've had it together all along.  Happy Father's Day to all the daddys out … [Read more...]

Mini Hamburgers

Mini Hamburgers

Don't save small bites for your tapas or cocktail party - serve mini hamburgers and other mini grilled items (hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches, etc.) at your next BBQ.  Mini burgers are easy to make, quick-cooking (watch them - you don't want them overcooked and tough!) and just so cute.  Even those with bigger appetites will … [Read more...]