Recipe :: 4 Easy Patriotic Recipes for the 4th of July

patriotic 4th of july ice cream cones

Whether you're heading to a backyard BBQ, picnicing at the beach or chillaxing in your own backyard, get your red, white and blue on with a few of these simple patriotic holiday recipes.  They're so quick and simple that I almost wouldn't call them recipes, but you will get oohs and ahhhs when you serve them so go ahead and act like you slaved in … [Read more...]

DIY :: Use Balloon Ice Packs to Keep Bevies Cool

balloon ice packs

While I'm not genereally a huge fan of decorating with balloons, I do love the idea of using balloons in unexpected ways for parties (see my post from last week on water balloon cake toppers).  With graduation season upon us and outdoor parties of all sorts coming up (Memorial Day, Father's Day, 4th of July to name a few), I think this idea is … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Basil & Garlic Rubbed Grilled Chicken

Perfect quick and easy chicken recipe

I thought I'd post one of my favorite grilled chicken recipes for all those grilling over the holiday weekend.  Basil & garlic rubbed grilled chicken doesn't sound particularly exciting, but this herb smothered chicken is really delicious.  This recipe is ideal for a last-minute dinner because the chicken absorbs the intense flavor of the basil … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Grilled Corn, Tomato & Basil Salad


This recipe came about when I was cooking for a crowd but only had 4 ears of corn from my crop-share. Cutting corn off the cobb is a great way to make a little corn go a long way and mixing it with other complimentary ingredients, such as basil and tomato, adds a burst of summer flavor. Grilling the corn makes the natural sugars caramelize and … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Hamburger Cupcakes


There's still ample time and good weather for grilling, and I have a fun BBQ theme dessert idea, courtesy of one of my hip baker friends - hamburger cupcakes! Hamburger Cupcakes 1 batch vanilla cupcakes (made from mix or homemade) 1 batch chocolate cupcakes (made from mix or homemade) 1 container vanilla icing or homemade butter cream frosting 1 … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Sprinkle Cake Batter Cookies


I was looking for a creative way to use red, white and blue sprinkles and came across a recipe from Cookin' Cowgirl that literally took 35 minutes to make from start to finish (additional time for cooling the cookies), and have received rave reviews from the family - particularly my nieces with very picky particular palates.  The recipe is based on … [Read more...]