DIY :: Sprinkle Covered Ice Cream Cones

sprinkle cones with ice cream

We hosted a sprinkle ice cream party for the little miss's bestie who moved to San Fran last week. Inspired by the decadent sprinkle coated waffle sugar cones at Emack and Bolios ice cream shop (which come in many other flavors, like rice krispie treat, neutella, fruit loops, coco puff and oreo - see picture below and try not to drool), I thought … [Read more...]

Party :: 4th of July Beverage Station

4th of July Beverage Station |

  Setting up a self-serve drink station is a great idea for summer entertaining. It makes it easy for everyone to help themselves (i.e. less work for the host!). Fill a galvanized tub or another large bucket with ice and nestle in beer, water and bottled beverages. Set out sangria (like this patriotic red & blue rosé sangria) or another … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Star-Shaped Watermelon {4th of July}

Star Shaped Watermelon for the 4th of July - Patriotic Food

Watermelon is a summer staple, but you can give it a patriotic twist by re-purposing a star shaped holiday cookie cutter to cut out pieces of watermelon for a 4th of July party platter.  It's healthy and a kid-friendly dessert that's easy to add to any 4th of July menu. Add a handful of blueberries or blackberries to the platter and you have one … [Read more...]

Party :: 4th of July {Anchor Brewing’s All-American Liberty Beer}

Liberty Ale American Beer - serve it for the 4th of July |

When I was thinking of what to serve for the 4th of July I looked to my husband - the beer expert between us - for a consult. He suggested Anchor's Liberty Ale, a hoppy and well-balanced American IPA with an all-American label (important for my theme!). Liberty Ale goes well with traditional cookout fare (barbecue, grilled chicken and salad) … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Cherry Hand Pies {4th of July}

Cherry hand pies - 4th of july dessert

I've been wanting to make hand pies for years. They're just so darn cute and easy to serve since no slicing is required. I finally decided to make cherry hand pies because we thought they would go great with our 4th of July menu. While there's nothing more American than apple pie, there is something about cherry pie that says 4th of July. Maybe … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Red & White Quinoa Salad {4th of July}

red and white quinoa salad 4th of july recipe cookout side dish

A make-ahead grain salad, especially one made with quinoa, is one of my favorite sides to serve for a picnic, cookout or backyard BBQ. Quinoa has a great nutty taste, is a very filling side dish, and is a good option for any vegetarians in the crowd because it has a decent amount of protein. There are so many quinoa salads that I like to make, … [Read more...]