DIY :: Cupcake Stand Flower Pot {Easter Centerpiece}

Cupcake Stand Flower Pot Centerpiece |

I have a metal wire cupcake stand that sits unused for many months of the year.  I have considered getting rid of it several times, but I'm always happy to have it when I serve cupcakes.  I love the idea of repurposing the stand for other uses, such as a spring centerpiece for Easter.  Use mini flower pots in place of cupcakes and fill the pots … [Read more...]

Friday Find :: Individual Pie Tins


How cute are these little mini pies?  Buy an individual pie pan - similar to a muffin tin - complete with a double-sided cutter to make perfect little decorative top crusts with decorative cutout designs.  These mini pies would make a great party favor for a rustic/country bridal or baby shower.  Mini Cup Pie Set available at Williams-Sonoma … [Read more...]

DIY :: Potted Plant Centerpiece


Use pretty potted flowers for a centerpiece – either one large pot or several smaller pots with different flowers and/or herbs.  A potted plant works especially well for a party in the garden or any outdoor event, and will last longer than fresh-cut flowers.  Tie ribbons around the pot for added interest.  For a shower or birthday party, place a … [Read more...]

Party in the Garden


Host a garden party with ideas from my July 2010 column on The Family Groove. … [Read more...]

Recipe :: “Love Potion” for the Bride


      I recently hosted a bridal shower brunch for my sister and came up with a fun signature drink to serve:  Sara's Love Potion.  Similar to a mimosa, it's a champagne cocktail made of 2 parts champagne and 1 part strawberry nectar* (you don't need exact measurements - just pour some bubbly into the glass and add a splash of the nectar).  Serve … [Read more...]

Stylish Secret :: Save Time, Serve Cupcakes


Save yourself the trouble of having to cut and serve a cake at your next party by serving cupcakes.  Cupcakes are a huge hit for many reasons, but they really are a very practical dessert to serve.  It can take a while to cut and serve cake to a large group of people (trust me, I know!).  Consider serving cupcakes when hosting a large birthday … [Read more...]