DIY :: Washi Tape Wine Glass Markers

washi tape wine glass marker

Back in the day I used to have tons of kitchy wine charms to hang on the stem of wine glasses at parties. Everything from little beaded numbers on slim metal rings to metal charms that said things like "cheers" and "three sheets to the wind." While store-bought wine charms are functional, I'm now more into glass markers that are a little less … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Arugula & Peach Salad with Grilled Chicken & Balsamic Vinaigrette

Ladies Night Arugula, Grilled chicken Peach Salad

We went to Sag Harbor to our friends' beach house for the 4th of July last summer, and my friend Danelle made a whole bunch of great salads using local, farm-fresh produce that everyone enjoyed all weekend. One of the highlights for me was an arugula salad that she made with pecorino cheese and perfectly ripe peaches (the kind that make you realize … [Read more...]

DIY :: Cupcake Stand Flower Pot {Easter Centerpiece}

Cupcake Stand Flower Pot Centerpiece |

I have a metal wire cupcake stand that sits unused for many months of the year.  I have considered getting rid of it several times, but I'm always happy to have it when I serve cupcakes.  I love the idea of repurposing the stand for other uses, such as a spring centerpiece for Easter.  Use mini flower pots in place of cupcakes and fill the pots … [Read more...]

Friday Find :: Individual Pie Tins


How cute are these little mini pies?  Buy an individual pie pan - similar to a muffin tin - complete with a double-sided cutter to make perfect little decorative top crusts with decorative cutout designs.  These mini pies would make a great party favor for a rustic/country bridal or baby shower.  Mini Cup Pie Set available at Williams-Sonoma … [Read more...]

DIY :: Potted Plant Centerpiece


Use pretty potted flowers for a centerpiece – either one large pot or several smaller pots with different flowers and/or herbs.  A potted plant works especially well for a party in the garden or any outdoor event, and will last longer than fresh-cut flowers.  Tie ribbons around the pot for added interest.  For a shower or birthday party, place a … [Read more...]

Party in the Garden


Host a garden party with ideas from my July 2010 column on The Family Groove. … [Read more...]