DIY :: Easter Egg Vase Filler Flower Centerpiece

Easter Egg Vase Filler Flower Centerpiece

Filling a vase with pastel eggs is a simple way to make spring flowers special for Easter.  Start by finding two vessels that nest and leave enough space between them for the eggs.  Use a larger clear glass vase and a smaller glass inside to hold the flowers.  Add water to the flowers only, and fill the outer vase with your vase-filler (the eggs … [Read more...]

DIY :: Easter Wheatgrass Centerpiece


Even if you live in a city, you can still have your own patch of grass to play with this Easter.  Use wheatgrass or another potted grass for indoor decorating.  It's a simple, modern look perfect for this spring holiday.  Scatter some speckled candy easter eggs in the grass or hide chocolate bunnies for a festive look.  Spring flowers are … [Read more...]

DIY :: Fall Flowers {How to Make $35 Flowers Look Like $120}


I love having pretty flowers on the table, but ordering arrangements from a floral shop gets expensive so I started making my own.  I hit a corner flower stand (or two) to pick up my supplies and then arrange them myself.  It's fairly simple and isn't as hard as it looks: About 15 minutes of shopping and 30 minutes of trimming/ arranging.  For the … [Read more...]

DIY :: Easy Herb Centerpieces


Try this eco-friendly alternative instead of buying fresh flowers for your next soiree.  Display leftover fresh herbs -such as dill, parsley, basil, rosemary, cilantro, chives, thyme and lavender - in simple bud vases and use them as a centerpiece. Use a single sprig, a bunch of herbs or mix several different types together.  Put the herbs in … [Read more...]

DIY :: Cupcake Stand Flower Pot {Easter Centerpiece}

Cupcake Stand Flower Pot Centerpiece |

I have a metal wire cupcake stand that sits unused for many months of the year.  I have considered getting rid of it several times, but I'm always happy to have it when I serve cupcakes.  I love the idea of repurposing the stand for other uses, such as a spring centerpiece for Easter.  Use mini flower pots in place of cupcakes and fill the pots … [Read more...]

DIY :: Mini Pumpkin Fall Centerpiece


Creating a centerpiece for a fall dinner is as easy as picking up a bag of mini pumpkins at the grocery store or farmer's market. These adorable miniature pumpkins - the most common are Jack-Be-Little or Baby Boo - are inexpensive and hearty enough to last for weeks. Place the pumpkins on a simple cake stand or platter and pile them high. Tuck … [Read more...]