Recipe :: Fresh Tomato Salsa

fresh tomato salsa

It that time of year, when we get mass quantities of tomatoes from our crop-share. I know I should look forward to it, but I'm always sort of over tomatoes by the time September rolls around. I've been slicing tomatoes and drizzling them with basil infused olive oil, sprinkling sliced tomatoes with sriracha sea salt and eating them with eggs, and … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Chimmichuri Steak Sauce


Chimichurri, a lively steak sauce made from parsley, olive oil and garlic, is Argentina’s greatest gift to the culinary world.  This sauce makes even mediocre cuts of meat taste divine.  I like to serve it over skirt steak, which is great for entertaining because it can be cooked in a matter of minutes on the grill or in the oven. Although … [Read more...]