Recipe :: Quinoa Salad with Orange, Cilantro & Golden Raisins

This make-ahead quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) salad goes well with cumin seared salmon, grilled chicken or lamb.  The citrus gives it a refreshing pop, while the cucumbers and raisins add a great contrasting texture.  Enjoy quinoa for its quick cooking time, its slightly nutty flavor, and its protein content (it is one of the only grains that it a … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Yogurt Parfaits with Homemade Low-fat Granola & Berries

fresh fruit

Yogurt and berry parfaits are a great brunch treat.  You can use homemade granola (recipe for low-fat granola is below) or a store-bought granola to make it a really quick dish to serve.  Layer your favorite type of yogurt (vanilla Greek yogurt is my favorite to use for parfaits) on the bottom of a glass.  Add a layer of granola and then a layer of … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Asparagus with Hazelnut Dressing


This is, hands down, my favorite asparagus recipe.  I love the tender stalks after they've been peeled and blanched, and the crunchy hazelnut dressing adds a nice contrast in texture.  Serve this dish as a side at brunch, lunch or dinner.  It's great when served with roasted or grilled meat.  You can make the asparagus a few hours ahead, along with … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Beet & Apple Slaw


Beet and apple slaw is as delicious as it is healthy.  This simple slaw is the perfect side dish for a picnic; it can be made up to 2 days in advance and it travels well. This original Hip Hostess recipe was published in Rochester Healthy Living Magazine (June 2010, page … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Brown Rice Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese


  In writing about Thanksgiving side dishes, it occurred to me that I should share one of my favorite grain salad recipes, which I have made for Thanksgivings past and regularly serve at any fall/winter brunch.  Here's the story behind this holiday-worth salad.  Several years ago Bouchon Bakery had a fall salad that knocked my socks off.  It … [Read more...]

Recipe :: Butternut Squash & Pesto Gratin


One of my friends (an excellent cook who entertains often) shared this simple Giada recipe with me.  She said it's a dish that she serves several times each fall because it's an easy make-ahead side-dish with great flavor.   In my search for the best Thanksgiving sides, I made this for a dinner party a few weeks ago.  I adapted the recipe a little … [Read more...]