Baked OatMEAL Chia Cups


The OatMEAL Chia Cup is proof that healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. Healthy food can taste AMAZING. Just ask my two girls who can’t get enough of these OatMEAL Chia Cups!



Product Description

Slim down. Eat well.

Superfoods. Super delicious.

OatMEAL Chia Cups are packed with chia seeds that expand in the stomach to keep you full, coconut oil to speed up your metabolism and cinnamon to regulate your blood sugar.

Here’s the skinny on OatMEAL Chia Cups:

  •  Fresh-baked, organic, non-GMO ingredients
  •  Naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free & vegan
  •  Sweetened with fruit and a touch of maple syrup


I crafted the OatMEAL Chia Cup when I was struggling to lose the baby weight I’d gained after having my two beautiful daughters. Being a new mom, I was strapped for time and needed a way to start the day right and still savor the experience of eating.

With as much exercise as I could manage and by making healthier choices, like starting my day with 2 OatMEAL Chia Cups every weekday morning, I lost all 45 pounds of baby weight in only 6 months.

I was so thrilled with my results that I am bringing the OatMEAL Chia Cups to you!

Today, I hand-make OatMEAL Chia Cups in small batches with lots of love in an incubator kitchen in Harlem surrounded by other awesome food start-ups.

How to eat OatMEAL Chia Cups:

   Enjoy them fresh-baked for breakfast or curb your cravings any time of day


   Heat them straight from frozen for just 2 minutes in the microwave or 5 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees


OatMEAL Chia Cups kick off your healthy eating for the day in three delicious flavors:

3 flavors cranberry

Order a single variety or a combo (even split of two flavors).

Note: Chia cups are made without any preservatives and are naturally high in moisture. OatMEAL Chia Cups should be stored in the fridge or freezer (refrigerate up to 1 week or freeze up to 2 months).

Subscribe and have a delicious, filling and healthy breakfast any day of the week with a weekly or monthly delivery of OatMEAL Chia Cups right to your door.

AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL DELIVERY IN MANHATTAN ($4.99) & BROOKLYN ($9.99).  OATMEAL CHIA CUPS CAN ALSO BE SHIPPED VIA PRIORITY MAIL ($13.45 shipping). All orders are delivered locally on Tuesday (9am-1pm) or shipped on Tuesday morning via USPS Priority mail.  $34 minimum order for local delivery.  All orders placed by Monday at 10am will be delivered or shipped on Tuesday.

For requests for corporate orders and catering inquiries please email ilana [at]


OatMEAL Chia Cups (Chocolate Chip) - Nutrition Label

Additional Information


Chocolate Chip, Combo – Blueberry & Cranberry Orange, Combo – Chocolate & Blueberry, Combo – Chocolate & Cranberry Orange, cranberry orange, Wild Blueberry


1 chia cup – $3.25, 12 chia cups – $34, 2 chia cups – $6, 6 chia cups – $18, 8 chia cups – $24

16 reviews for Baked OatMEAL Chia Cups

  • Muffins are delicious. Perfect breakfast with vanilla Greek yogurt.

  • I Love the blueberry muffins! Perfect to grab on the go in the morning & very satisfying! I keep some in the freezer at work for snacks and they taste fresh every time.

  • These muffins are so delicious! Love, love, love them!

  • I ordered a dozen of these last week (chocolate banana), and I love them. Given how guilt-free they are, I can’t believe how delicious they are. My husband loves them too. We freeze them and pop them in the toaster oven or microwave. The label says they’ll last up to two months in the freezer, but we’re definitely going to eat them all up before then.

  • I ordered my first dozen last week. These are a delicious way to get going in the morning. They are filling and do not taste guilt free, like they are. They also come in super cute packaging and would make a great postpartum gift for anyone with a new baby at home who needs healthy things to grab to eat.

  • Placing my reorder now – I’m always looking for easy ways to be healthy, but can’t stick with something long-term if it doesn’t taste good too. These totally fit the bill – can freeze/reheat, easy to grab as breakfast or an afternoon (or mid-morning/evening/you-get-the-drift) snack, satisfy a sweets craving and I get to give myself a little pat on the back when I’m done. The packaging is so sweet; perfect for bringing as a gift for a new mom, or as a little housewarming gift. Can’t wait for the next batch!

  • Perfect post baby snack or breakfast. So tasty and healthy. Also packaging was adorable. Would highly recommend!!

  • The chocolate oatmeal chia cups are DEE-LISH!! What a great, healthy breakfast or snack! I am super happy that I tried them and will def be purchasing more!!

  • These Oatmeal Chia Cups are absolutely delicious, healthy, and filling. I can barely wait to sink my teeth into them while I am warming them up – the sweet and warm aroma fills the room and puts an instant smile on my face. They are a perfect way to start the day or for an afternoon treat! Order them now, you will NOT be disappointed!

  • My whole family is OBSESSED with the chia cups. They are delicious and so wonderful and easy to have in the house. My daughter eats one for breakfast every morning and she loves switching off flavors so I make sure we are always stocked.. They also come beautifully packaged so work well as a gift.

  • My husband, myself and my 10 year old daughter have eaten both the chocolate chip chia and the blueberry chia cups. What’s important to note is that none of us have any dietary restrictions and we usually stay away from anything labeled gluten free. But not these! They are so yummy, healthy, and filling! If you are looking for a breakfast alternative or afternoon snack, I highly recommend you try them! You won’t be disappointed.

  • New addiction!

  • Love these! They’re not too sweet, but still satisfy any craving for sweetness. Great snack, or breakfast on the go.

  • This has become my favorite go-to breakfast item. I am not usually drawn to healthy snacks because they tend to lack something in taste, but the chia cups are definitely an exception! They keep me full until lunch time and taste really indulgent. Knowing I am eating something so healthy first thing in the morning makes me feel like I am doing something good for myself and motivates me to keep it up by eating healthier throughout the day too. The chocolate chip and blueberry are my favorites!

  • They’re not just for women! The OatMEAL chia cups with a glass of V8 are enough to satisfy a man’s hunger through lunchtime. Just enough sweetness and satisfaction. I didn’t know what do expect when my daughter told me she was sending me “chia” cups… they grow grass? Of course they don’t. They’re just delicious.

  • The OatMEAL Chia Cups have been a game changer in our house. I’m GF so they’re perfect for me and even better, my 5-year old son who refuses to eat pretty much anything that’s good for him, LOVES them. They are now his go-to for breakfast and/or for an after school snack. They’re a win-win for everyone!

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