Hip Tip – Postcard Invitations


My hip sister requested that postcards be sent as invitations for her bridal shower.  An eco-friendly idea since you eliminate the need for envelopes.  Postcards are more casual than traditional card and envelope paper invitations, but a little more substantial (and practical if older guests are on the guestlist) than an electronic e-mailed … [Read more...]

Stylish Secret :: At A Loss for Words? Invitation Wording


Stop spending your precious time pondered the words for your party invitations.   Use the sample invitation wording from any of the great sites listed below.  They offer sample invitation wording for weddings, showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, save the dates, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, corporate events, retirements, … [Read more...]

Stylish Secret :: New Year’s Eve Formal


Looking for an excuse to wear one of the great cocktail dresses in your closet?  Good news: When you're the host, you get to dictate the dress code.  Many of your friends will be happy to have an occasion to dress up for.  New Year's Eve is a special occasion, so dress the part. … [Read more...]

Stylish Secret :: Use Scarves As Table Runners


A fruitless search for gold or silver table runners for a holiday cocktail party made me think outside the proverbial "housewares" box.  I found long silver and gold scarves at a discount department store (Filene's Basement) and used those as my runners.  They were even nicer than any runner I would have found, and were much less expensive ($10-15 … [Read more...]

Calculating the Right Amount of Alcohol


Figuring out how much alcohol you need for a party can be tricky.  Knowing how many drinks you can get out of a bottle of wine, liquor or mixer is a good starting point.  The following list can serve as a guideline, but know that it depends on how you prepare your drinks.  I tend to use 1.5oz of hard alcohol instead of the standard 1oz per drink, … [Read more...]