Chocolate Chia Cups

Buy :: Oatmeal Chia Cups Now Available for Local Delivery

Don't have time to make yourself a tasty and nutritious breakfast? Warm up your mornings with naturally sweet, delicious baked oatmeal chia cups. Made with chia seeds that expand in your stomach to keep you full all morning and 100 percent whole grain oats. Studded with mini chocolate chips or dried … [Read More...]

succulent can with watermark

DIY :: Succulent Cinco de Mayo Centerpiece

I love me some fresh flowers but I saw an idea for succulents planted in soup cans and though succulents in Mexican-inspired cans would be a cool alternative for a Cinco de Mayo theme centerpiece. I bought several cans of La Morena brand canned goods (chipotle peppers and pickled jalapeños) because … [Read More...]

Maille Mustard gift Set Giveaway

Mother’s Day Gift :: Maille Limited Edition Mustard Gift Set {Giveaway}

I have long been a fan of Maille mustards. Their Dijons are my favorite: smooth and creamy with a nice pungent bite that doesn't make your nose burn. I use Maille Dijon in my vinaigrette recipes and serve the mustard along side cured meats and pickles for an easy appetizer spread. There is so … [Read More...]

probiotic smoothie

Recipe :: Raspberry Lime Kefir Smoothie

Everyone is talking about gut health these days, and what products we can buy to cultivate good gut bacteria. There's yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kim-chi and probiotic supplementsto name a few. But did you know that it's super easy to make some probiotic foods yourself? Tracy Gary, a fellow … [Read More...]

homemade playdoh playdough

Kids Project :: Homemade Playdoh

It's raining and we're cooped up in the apartment. I would do a baking project with the little miss but the baby is sleeping for who knows how long. All of the little miss's playdoh is in her room with said sleeping baby. So we decided to make our own playdoh. Before you start with your eye rolling … [Read More...]

low fat crustless spinach quiche

Brunch Recipe :: Low Fat Crustless Spinach Quiche

Without a doubt, the number one recipe on Stylish Spoon is my recipe for crustless spinach quiche. It has the most hits, has been featured on other sites the most of any post on this site, and so many of close friends make this crustless quiche for themselves. The recipe is so versatile. I serve … [Read More...]


To Do :: NYC Macaron Day 2016

It’s NYC Macaron Day! That means over 15 NYC bakeries will be handing out free macarons on March 20, 2016 during the annual NYC Macaron Day. The NYC celebration coincides with Paris’s National Macaron Day (Jour du Macaron) – a tradition that was started by macaron master Pierre Hermé almost a decade … [Read More...]


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