Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks Healthy Easter Egg Filler |

Easter :: 5 Easy Easter Egg Fillers

Tonight I'm filling loads of plastic Easter eggs in anticipation of the Easter egg hunt I'm hosting in my backyard on Sunday. My building has a nice communal backyard and I stash Easter eggs all around the yard for our gaggle of toddler egg hunters. While everyone loves a little chocolate on Easter, … [Read More...]

DIY Dark Chocolate-Covered Peeps |

Recipe :: Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps for Easter

  Add a stylish twist to a traditional Easter treat.   I have a secret sweet spot for Peeps.  Last year, one of my friends indulged me and brought Jacques Torres's Chocolate Covered Bunny Peeps ($5/4 pack) as a hostess gift for Easter. I immediately knew that I would be making my own … [Read More...]


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