Kombucha brunch cocktail

Lavender Kombucha Mimosas

Kombucha brunch cocktail How do you make a brunch cocktail kind of healthy? Add kombucha! That's what we did with this Lavender Kombucha Mimosa. If you aren't familiar with kombucha, it's a fermented tea that's packed with probiotics. Kombucha comes in lots of fun flavors, including some classics like lemon, ginger and cranberry, and more exotic flavors like guava and lavender. We made this Lavender Kombucha Mimosa for our Mother's Day brunch spread on Good Morning Washington: Simple kitchen cheats to create an impressive Mother's Day brunch. Give it a quick watch for the whole superfoods-packed menu. A huge trend right now is to add a sprig of fresh herbs to drinks. Not just the usual mint, but things like fresh lavender, rosemary and thyme. It's a fun addition and will make you look like a master mixologist with very little effort. Just make sure that whatever herbs you add are edible (preferably organic). Also a quick note about what champagne to use in this or any brunch cocktail. When you're mixing champagne with an add-in like juice you will hide a lot of the nuanced flavor a more expensive champagne, so feel free to use an in expensive bottle of bubbles. A dry prosecco or cava also work well in this recipe. Scroll down for the Lavender Kombucha Mimosa recipe. It's hardly a recipe it's so simple: Champagne, flavored kombucha, and a sprig of lavender. It's that easy! If you make it please let us know what you think or if you try another flavor kombucha let us know which one you use and how it turned out. xo Ilana



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